Sunday, September 24, 2023

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    This Danish Lifestyle Trend Will Make You A Happier Person

    If you haven’t heard of the Danish concept of hygge, you may be missing out on a lifestyle trend that will change your life forever. In a nutshell, hygge is “the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.” Essentially, hygge entails cutting clutter from your life and finding solace in contentment and your general well-being. With winter’s shorter days and icy temperatures less than 24 hours away, now is the perfect time to embrace the nordic trend and eliminate those seasonal blues. See how easy it is below:

    Find Comfort In Your Everyday Rituals

    If you’re familiar with Scandinavian design, you already know it’s all about minimalism. And just like nordic design, simplicity and taking solace in the small pleasures of life are the core of hygge. So cut the clutter from your life, take a step back, and enjoy everyday rituals that would otherwise seem mundane to you. Find comfort in brewing and sipping that morning coffee, find solace in your morning commute, and find pleasure in slipping into a fresh set of pajamas at the end of the day.

    Make Use Of Warm Lighting

    Make use of traditional lighting; you should never underestimate the warming and comforting power of candles and fireplaces. So cut back on electricity, curl up by the fire, take out your favorite novel, and get cozy.

    Establish Zones In Your Home 

    We’ve all been through moments when we want a quiet space to unwind, or moments when we want to get cozy over a good conversation. Embrace the concept of “zoning,” or dedicating areas in your home to relax or socialize. Buy cushions and blanks to create a cozy corner, get non-confining arm chairs and place them next to each other to encourage conversations, etc.

    Embrace The Old & Imperfect

    Danes hate waste and often re-use and recycle objects. Get creative and find new uses for those items collecting dust; seek perfection in imperfections.

    Banish Clutter

    We all want to live a stress-free, mess-free life. To truly embrace the hygge lifestyle, you need to declutter your home. Recycle and give away useless items, buy storage and get organized, etc.

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