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    The Importance Of Mental & Physical Fitness In The Police Force

    Police officers are not only physically strong but they are mentally alert to curb crime in the area. They train extensively and make huge sacrifices so that you can be safe. They patrol the region with no fear from criminals. Thanks to them law and order is maintained without hassles today!

    Training for mental agility and physical fitness

    Bradley Sterlingis a retired detective and ex-police officer in the USA. He says physical and mental fitness is the key to a lucrative career. He states that when he received an offer from the police force, he really was happy. He was scared a little but he cast all his fears aside to serve the community and protect his fellow human beings devotedly.

    He says the police training programs have been uniquely designed to ensure its candidates are both mentally agile and physically fit. He adds when he started in the academy, he put his heart and soul into training. There is so much for you to learn. The drills made him physically and mentally strong. He is lucky to have had good mentors as they help you along in your path to success.

    The importance of diet

    He says when you are in the police force, it means you do not have to exercise all the time. Exercise without the right diet is futile. It is very important for you to eat the right food and snacks. Now, the field has many pressures and at times you will find yourself missing meals. It is here you should snack right- you must have lots of fresh fruits and nuts. Water too is very essential as that will keep you hydrated. When it comes to meals, he says stick to healthy ones so that you do not feel lethargic. At the same time, it is important for police officers to abstain from smoking and drinking. If you smoke and drink, you will lose a great amount of physical fitness and mental agility he says.

    Rest and sleep

    The days when you are off duty, it is vital for you to rest and sleep well. The human body recovers when it sleeps. This means you should give the body the rest it deserves in order to be mentally proactive and physically active. The job of a police officer is very demanding. Chasing criminals and keeping pace with them is tough if you are not physically fit. At the same time, it is crucial for you to be a good role model for your subordinates he says. You can only lead by example. This is why he says to look after yourself and take care of your food habits daily.

    Brad Sterling is well loved and respected by his peers. He has been in the police force for over two decades and considered to be an asset to his team. He says he has been passionate about his work and enjoyed every minute of working in the police- force all his life!

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