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    What is a good SEO plan for a small business?

    A large or small business needs SEO to earn visibility in the market and grow. A small business requires SEO more for faster development.  What is a good SEO plan for a small business?

    You can use these plans to increase visibility.

    Build backlinks

    A business may gain authority in its field by building a network of backlinks resulting in a higher ranking on the search engine.  The best way to begin building backlinks is to create profiles for the business on websites such as Bing Local, Yelp, and Foursquare.  You can even use LinkedIn to create a company page or YouTube to best premium writing services offer instructional or informative videos.   The business information on the profiler at different sites should be similar to what you list in Google My Business to prevent confusion with others and to boost SEO efforts. You should also create a business page on Facebook and claim a places page because a small business should grab everything it can.

    Put titles, headers and Meta description tags in proper order.

    Google relies on titles and headers to determine the relevant search terms for pages throughout your site. For example, you sell clothes a suit page should have a name like “formal designer suits” in your page title and a variation of the phrase in the <H1> header. An <H1> header is the main headline above page content, and each page should have just one that is unique. A page title is invisible on the page. You have to view the source code first to review the page titles.

    Start a blog

    Content is king in attracting Google algorithm. The nature of its programming is to favor sites with unique content that is relevant and highly useful to visitors.

    Starting a blog is an excellent way to get useful content to a small business website.  Some of the valuable information you can post is that which engages the readers about new products, industry trends or helpful advice. Blog posts help to make a local authority out of business. You can share them on social media to offer backlinks as well as positive social media signals. Both support the website SEO.  It is essential to update blog content regularly as Google search algorithms are more favorable to websites with new material.  A blog serves this purpose and if the shoppers like the information, they are likely to bookmark the business site and return in the future for more purchases.

    Develop the site to work on mobile

    Nowadays people use tablets and Smartphone to access to search engines.  Search engine ranking will dip if you fail to optimize your website for mobile devices because your site will not display well or even function according to intentions. Search engine algorithms connect better with sites that offer good user experience hence will bring more traffic.

    You can almost double traffic to your website and online customers by converting it for mobile. Online publishing tools such as WordPress offer free templates for mobile users, but it is worth to hire an experienced web developer for the conversion.

    It is not hard to get online customers if you define a good SEO plan for a small plan. Remember to list your state and city on the home page <H1> header and a few times in the web content to boost the local SEO.

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