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    9 Worst Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

    There is no doubt that the best way to ensure your teeth are healthy and clean is to visit your dentist in Reston regularly. Sticking to stringent teeth cleaning and checkup schedule will certainly help you keep your teeth in the best condition possible. Aside from regular dental checkups and cleaning there are ways to minimize teeth damage that you can do at home.

    Here’s a list of food to avoid because they can do a lot of damage to your teeth:

    1. Sour Candies

    It isn’t a surprise to find that candy is bad for the teeth, but add a sour component to the treat and it is double the trouble. The acids found in sour candies are more abrasive and tougher on the teeth, which causes more damage. These candies are also very chewy and they tend to stick to the teeth which speed up tooth decay.

    2. Popcorn

    A movie isn’t complete without the buttery goodness of popped kernels. Sadly, popcorn pieces can easily get stuck in between your teeth which promotes the growth of bacteria and speeds up the tooth decaying process.

    3. Soft Drinks

    Sugary drinks are bad for the teeth, add the strength of carbonation and soft drinks can do a world of damage on anyone’s pearls. The acid in soft drinks damages the tooth enamel and too much soft drinks can lead to tooth decay. Yes, this includes diet soda too! Just because there’s no sugar doesn’t mean the acidity itself won’t cause damage.

    4. Alcoholic Beverages

    People who enjoy drinking a glass or two of wine a day may be hurting their teeth in the process. When alcohol is consumed the mouth becomes dry because saliva production is decreased. When there is a lack of saliva in the mouth, nothing will protect the teeth from the acid in the drink.

    5. Potato Chips

    Who doesn’t enjoy having a bag of crispy potato chips for a snack? While the salty treat might answer your cravings the starch in chips is bad news for your teeth. The sticky and starchy substance can get trapped in between the teeth can cause excessive plaque formation.

    6. Ice

    Ice doesn’t sound harmful because it’s just made of water, right? While it contains no sugar, biting down on ice chips can result in a cracked tooth. Be careful the next time you want to indulge in an ice cube.

    7. Dried Fruits

    Eating fruits is healthy and good for your body, but constantly snacking on dried fruit is damaging for your teeth. Not only are these preserved using a lot of sugar, it is also very sticky and tends to get stuck in between the teeth, the perfect combination for bacterial growth.

    8. Hard Candy

    Sugar content and the need to either bite down or constantly suck on a hard candy is a disastrous combination for the teeth. While it’s a fun treat to have a lollipop, it isn’t great for your teeth.

    9. Tea And Coffee

    Tea and coffee are notorious for staining your teeth. Consuming too much tea or coffee and avoiding your dentist in Reston for regular cleaning will result in yellow and very unattractive teeth. So, skip the drinks, but not your dentist!

    Cutting out these foods 100% may be impossible, but limiting your consumption will benefit your teeth (and dental bills) significantly.
    If you are looking for a community dentist in Reston, contact Reston Dental Care today. We offer a full spectrum of services to help bring back your perfect smile.

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