Saturday, April 1, 2023

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    Technology Education and Engineering – More Than Just Computers?

    “Technology Education and Engineering is that like computer class”? Technology Education and Engineering is widely unknown to the general public. The common assumption is a typing/word processing class. While virtually unknown, Technology Education and Engineering offers students the ability to explore, discover, and create with technology tools like no other class ever before. It’s greatest advantage is using real world lessons to prepare students for their future.

    Traditional classrooms today haven’t changed since the early 1900s. Meanwhile, outside of school, we continue to utilize technology in our jobs and personal lives. Most classrooms rely on the teacher as the dictator of information and knowledge. In this type of classroom learning is passive. There is very little critical thinking or creativity. For example, information is communicated through a series of lectures and note taking. Students are generally given a worksheet or crossword puzzle to access what was “learned.” After the students pass the exam they forget the concepts that were covered. Most learning is linear starting with lecture and ending with exams.

    Technology Education and Engineering allows students to take control of their learning. They have the opportunity to make choices, explore, and discover the information on the subject. They are able to take this information and do something with it by creating a project. We learn by doing, and gaining experience in an applied area, which is known as active learning. The skills for the projects are the same skills that professionals would use in a career.

    The lessons combine all subjects as the student learns. It doesn’t separate science, math, history, or English but combines them with the technology tools of today’s world. When completing a project in a career, it will not separate the objectives according to subject.

    For example, a bridge design project includes forces from science, critical weight calculations from math, a presentation of why they chose their design elements and how they fit in the budget, and computer aided drafting from technology. A presentation before engineers of bridge design choices, or send a letter to county or state officials on problem bridges and how to cheaply improve them for the future.

    Technology Education and Engineering draws its concepts from real world examples. Activities work closely with STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

    Technology Education and Engineering incorporates solving problems with a group. Collaboration between team members is a vital workforce skill. As the students work together they motivate each other to a deeper understanding of the concepts and how to solve them. Each student has a responsibility in their group, and they hold each other accountable for the work to be done. Students understand how their roles and responsibilities relate to the entire project, and the real world.

    Many people today seem to be looking for a change in education. They see the current system and understand the flaws in the traditional method of education. More people need to investigate Technology Education and Engineering as an example of 21 century learning. It is the class that is preparing students for tomorrow with the technology of today.

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