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    Strategy Execution – What Are the Most Common Mistakes

    In Strategy Execution Skills Development?

    Here are some common mistakes − watch out for them! − when working on Strategy Execution (or Performance Managment) skills development:

    Mistake #1: Training started before the process is clear to everyone
    You clearly identified the skills development need and launched the training sessions. But they are a disaster. How can that be?
    A skills training cannot start properly when managers have too many questions about the Strategy Execution process itself. People get frustrated when answers are unclear or inadequate. This is then communicated to future participants. Some cancel their participation, and those who do attend are very sceptical and not ready for a learning experience.

    Mistake #2: Senior management skills level is not questioned
    It can be very tough for senior managers to admit that their performance management skills are not up to standard. In our business culture, all senior managers are supposed to have great strategic thinking, coaching and budgeting skills. Questioning the level of these skills is still taboo.

    Mistake #3: No clear understanding of successful development
    “Why not run a two-day training programme for all our managers?” Have you ever heard this question?
    While the question clearly indicates a positive attitude towards development, it shows lack of insight into what successful development actually entails. Research shows that training impact by itself is limited to about only 15%.

    Mistake #4: Too much at once
    It can take some time before the top of an organisation becomes fully aware of the potential of a good Strategy Execution process. But once this potential is discovered, everything needs to happen ASAP, as they want the organisation to catch up for the lost time. This seldom works well.

    Jeroen De Flander is an international Strategy Execution / Performance Management expert and Managing Director of the performance factory. You can visit his linkedIn profile

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