How To Organize Your Home: 7 Ideas Tested By Personal Experience

There are three whales of a well-kept house: cleanliness, order and organization. Yes, I think that order and proper organization of space are two different things. Because neatly arranged items in the locker are order, but if …

There are three whales of a well-kept house: cleanliness, order and organization. Yes, I think that order and proper organization of space are two different things. Because neatly arranged items in the locker are order, but if you get them out of there is inconvenient, this order will quickly be destroyed, and things from the locker will be ugly to roll somewhere conveniently close at hand. 

How to organize the order in the house

With good organization, maintaining order is easier and more pleasant. In this article, I collected tips on improving the ergonomics at home: I have already tested most of myself, but I’m dreaming to implement something at the first opportunity. You can also contact to the expert like LoveYourSpace so you can get the best results.

A table on wheels for all occasions

One table on wheels can reduce the amount of furniture in your apartment without losing functionality. Mine is usually “moored” in the bathroom, and its tabletop with sides is always empty. I put a hairdryer and a curling iron on it, when I put it in, a laundry basket in order to more conveniently hang it, or a phone and glasses while I take a shower. During cleaning, I take a table with me: rags and detergents move around it in my apartment. I’m sure this solution will be used in a small kitchen when you need to set the table.

Laundry basket in each room

In my family of two people, one basket in the bathroom is still missing, but recently I read a Facebook comment branch – it turned out that many families of 3 or more people are putting the basket in each room. Especially this solution is useful in the nursery – the amount of lying clothes is greatly reduced. And one more thing in the case of a nursery: a basket with a lid is, of course, more aesthetic, but not all children can be easily taught not to throw clothes on top of the lid.

Organized first aid kit

Each family has a drawer or cabinet where medicines are stored. If you are not a doctor and, as in my case, do not have a photographic memory, over time, the purpose of some drugs is forgotten, and they calmly fill the end of the shelf life until you buy analogues. I propose to sort drugs by purpose, for example, from pain or from a cold, and put each handful in a separate bag or container, having previously signed a category. Imagine how convenient it is: you have caught a cold – and you simply take a container out of the locker, in which everything you need right away, from throat pills to handkerchiefs.

Capacity for incomprehensible trifles

The feeling of mess often creates a variety of little things. In this case, it happens that you have no time to figure out whether this thing is needed or not and where to put it, or if you need it to lie down a bit before throwing it away (for example, a receipt for a thing you have not tried yet). For such small things, I use a medium-sized box – just drop everything there. If I needed something from the last, I know that it is there. As the box is filled, I just sort things out: something goes to be thrown out, something I give away, and I put something away to long-term storage. Last time I had an analogue of such a box, only a smaller one, in the kitchen.

Hanger for current clothes

If you don’t immediately throw everything into the laundry and there is clothing at home that is worn for more than one day (jeans, a warm jacket or a dressing gown), there is a risk of a mess. And if you are unable to force yourself, a husband or children, to put clothes in a closet, a special hanger will protect the nearby backs of chairs and armchairs (and in some cases, the floor) from things. This may be a clothes rack, hooks on the wall or door, a bar bolted to the wall. By the way, for those who are used to making clothes from the evening, this thing is also extremely necessary.

Containers in lockers

Drawers – the ingenious invention of mankind. But not all the furniture is equipped with them, and in the cabinets hanging at a certain height (for example, kitchen) drawers become completely uncomfortable. You can buy runners and other accessories and make drawers and baskets inside a regular cabinet, and you can do even easier: put the containers. If you need to find something in the depth of the cabinet, simply push the container towards you or even pull it out. This approach will also allow you to better organize storage, adding things with the same functionality in one place – you will find what you need faster.

Perforated panel for small items.

In the home office, workshop or kitchen, where a lot of small things accumulate, which should always be on hand, a perforated panel (pegboard) will help to organize storage. It can hang hooks, baskets, shelves for any needs. If needs change, all auxiliary elements can be easily rearranged, unlike shelves screwed to a wall. And most importantly, scissors no longer have to dig in the box, among other office.

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