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    How To Check For Bad Links And What To Do With Them

    Thanks to the amount of tools that you’re provided with whether online or with an SEO Northern Virginia, you are able to find bad links much easier. However, it’s what you do with them that often has an amateur webmaster scratching their head. There are basic things that you can easily learn, but the more advanced metrics are a bit harder to keep in mind.

    Finding Bad Links

    It’s easy to classify a link as bad if you’ve been fed this information by Google or if you find it through an online tool. It’s still important that you know how to identify bad links on your own. This will make it easier for you to check for bad links without having to go through a tedious process of running them through tools.

    Trust and Social Media

    There are main criterias that you can easily keep in mind. When you’re checking the reputation of a website, especially a small one, you should check whether they’re trustworthy. Looking them up on multiple search engines and find if they’re an actual entity. Do they have social media avenues that seem to be active? If yes, how many followers do they have?

    Manipulation of Anchor Text

    An amateur mistake that someone would make is by manipulating the anchor text to increase their website’s ranking. This is something that you should not do unless you know the full details as to why you’re doing it and what you should do to not go overboard. Fortunately, there are many SEO Northern Virginia companies that can help tell you when you’re over optimizing.

    Authority of Links

    When a website has too many low authority links, this is a big sign that it will be a host to many bad links. These links could be to and from that particular website. More often than not, these are actually easy to distinguish since most people use automated scripts to set up legitimate-looking websites by design but feel “off” when you actually read the content and click through links.

    Removing Bad Links

    There’s a handful of ways for you to remove bad links. They only differ in the method, but ultimately achieve the same thing.

    If the website looks legitimate

    If you believe that a website that has a bad link to your website is a legitimate entity, try to find a way to contact them. Ask them to remove the link to your website. If you’re being told that you need to pay for the link to be removed, do not do it. There are ways for you to remove a bad link without needing to communicate with a website owner that’s giving you headaches.

    If the website owner refuses to cooperate

    The best way for you to remove a bad link when all else fails is to disavow it. There are tools that you can use to do so. In fact, Google provides you with an intuitive control panel where you can manage all these things. It may take some time for you to learn how to use it properly, but you can always hire an SEO Northern Virginia company to help you with the specifics.
    If you are looking for an SEO Northern Virginia that delivers, contact Tessa Marketing + Technology today. We will be more than glad to show the best way to improve your online presence.

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