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    GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Extends To The Cloud

    I save almost enough cash in motor idle time to cover my invoice for the month using iTRAK. It is a fantastic thing.”

    The monitoring devices are also striking, with a few measuring less than 4 inches in diameter and weighing only a couple of ounces; permitting for inconspicuous positioning within the advantage to be monitored. Other monitoring devices are especially constructed for unconventional uses and assets, like for heavy gear, recovering vehicles, or for tracking trailers which are disconnected from electricity sources for prolonged periods.

    Most GPS fleet tracking systems are shifting operations to the cloud together with the evolution of new applications that works independently of any installed software on a pc.

    ITRAK is simply one such firm providing such advanced gps fleet tracking technologies. The choices are vast in the business.

    “The fleet monitoring market continues to quickly progress as wireless technology becomes more complex and prices to operate such apparatus becomes cheaper,” says Thomas Grounds, iTRAK’s president and founder. “It was only viewing a icon on the monitor of an automobile’s whereabouts was remarkable. Now, we’ve got ability to track engine action, rate, starts/stops, and also set geo-fences around a traveling course. And it will not stop there.”

    Really, the requirements of GPS vehicle monitoring are becoming more demanding, and also the usage of the technology is no more limited to bigger organizations together with the budgets to manage it. Henry Witt, proprietor of Affiliated Auto Glass, a little Texas company, credits using iTRAK’s technologies to greatly improving his business’s monthly earnings.

    One particular firm, iTRAK Corporation, has been growing fleet monitoring systems for almost 20-years. Launched as Data Burst Technologies from the 1990’s, the business changed its title to iTRAK a couple of decades back as it developed advanced customized fleet monitoring systems for trucking companies and emergency healthcare providers.

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