Give your child an edge in early education: join after school math and science workshop

As a mother, you want only the best for your child. From the time of birth, baby is exposed to learning the elementary skills to survive. But giving the child an edge in education is …

As a mother, you want only the best for your child. From the time of birth, baby is exposed to learning the elementary skills to survive. But giving the child an edge in education is one of the best expectations from a Mom. To prepare your duty as the baby’s first teacher, join a school math and science workshops.

What parents can do

Children have potentials that are easily from simple everyday attitudes and examples. The learning attitude of the child directly improves performance.

  • Develop in the child a love for learning.
  • Give children every opportunity to follow their passion.
  • Value the importance academic subjects, especially math and science.
  • Make learning a fun activity.
  • Alleviate the child’s depth of processing.
  • Provide the child equipment to relax.
  • Allow your child to use the internet.
  • Learn empathy and its value.

Importance of math and science

  1. Early childhood education should introduce simple mathematical concepts. The child is using early math skills throughout his/her daily routines and activities.Instilling Mathematics in the minds of young children is the best option to develop their skills in critical thinking and ability to reason. These skills are keys to open the door for success in their future formal schooling.
  2. Science education in early childhood is important.It has a tremendous impact and influence on the child’s thoughts and opinions. Teaching science is not an option for the early childhood educator but a necessity. Teachers are given the chance to create in young minds an amazing set of experiences that last throughout the entire school experience of the child and beyond.

Training for parents

There are schools offering workshops and variety of training and program for parents to help their children’s success in school. Workshops for parents assist family members how children develop child and to motivate academic learning of the child. It specifically covers STEM subjects; an acronym for *Science, *Technology, * Engineering, and *Mathematics. It includes a number of different issues affecting children.

Math and Science Workshops for Parents

Schools organized Science workshops to equip parents with the skills and confidence in supporting their child’s learning of the subject.

  1. Formal opportunities are provided for parents to acquire more knowledge about the type of mathematics that their children are taught in the classroom by attending Workshops in Mathematics. They can utilize these activities at home, and master the strategies to assist their children in doing their homework.
  2. Areas covered in the Science workshop include the content of each syllabus level, yearly assessments and the process involved in the skills essential in understanding science.The job of parents is emphasized as playing an active role in awakening and inculcating interest of Science as applicable to life.

Little House of Science

Little House of Science, founded in 2014, fosters curiosity among children and connectsthem to science from an early age.Workshops in science and classes are conducted appropriate for different age groups. It begins from early ages (3+) up to primary school level. It is content-rich including anextraordinary selection of tests andexperiments for creative science. All designs are interesting and especially catered for every age group.

Little House of Science and parents have the same goal for the kids go home from school imbued with inspiration and enthusiasm to learn. Their desire to learn and know more about nature and its supportive facts has been awaken.Parents who wanted to give their children the edge in early education are assured of reaching their objective by joining the program.

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