5 Tips for a Healthy Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

It takes a lot of dedication to build a successful business. You have to be willing to work harder than everyone else — to push yourself to your limits. There are downsides to living this …

It takes a lot of dedication to build a successful business. You have to be willing to work harder than everyone else — to push yourself to your limits. There are downsides to living this lifestyle, and many entrepreneurs tend to overlook the importance of health.

The demanding schedule of an entrepreneur essentially never has a break, which can have a negative impact on one’s health. Below are five tips for a healthier entrepreneurial lifestyle. After all, what good is success if your health doesn’t allow you to enjoy it?

1. Make exercise part of your daily routine.

Working out daily keeps your mind fresh and makes us happier. Maintaining a positive mindset and outlook is a major key to success. With all the obstacles and challenges we entrepreneurs face daily, any edge should be welcomed with open arms.

Adam Legas, founder of supplement company Nanohydr8, agrees. “Exercising in the morning before hitting the office gets you into the right frame of mind to deal with anything that comes your way. There are even more benefits to exercising for entrepreneurs, including a better work-life balance and improved problem-solving skills.”

2. Eat as healthy as possible.

Eating healthy is one of the easiest ways to live a healthier life, and even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. For example, giving up soda and replacing it with water is one of the fastest ways to reduce your sugar intake and lose weight.

Rather than eat out or order in at lunch, bring a nutritious meal to the office. You can still take time to unwind during your break, but you can do it with nutrient-dense superfoods, such as kale, rather than cheeseburgers and fries.

3. Take time to unplug from your business and relax.

Running a business is stressful — there is no denying that. If you don’t take the time to relax and unplug once in a while, you will suffer an extreme case of burnout. Many entrepreneurs think they have to work nonstop and put in grueling hours. That’s true, but you have to know when it’s time to relax and recharge.

Carve out time in your weekly schedule to devote to a hobby. Hit the golf course, go fishing, watch a movie or do anything else that relaxes you. Family time is also a great way to escape and unplug. Also, don’t be afraid to take a vacation once in a while. The time away can be very beneficial — some of my best ideas came to me on vacation.

4. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

Keeping a regular schedule is great for staying on track and holding yourself accountable, as I learned from getting up at 5 a.m. every morning. When your day is mapped out and you know exactly what needs to get done, you will see yourself completing tasks quicker and crossing tasks off your to-do list at a rapid pace.

The hardest part is just doing it – after a while, your body becomes accustomed to your routine, making it easier as time passes. My days start at 5 a.m. now without an alarm clock — my body is used to the routine.

5. Learn to manage your stress.

Stress is almost impossible to avoid as an entrepreneur, but it can be managed. It’s important that you learn how to control how you let it impact your mindset and decision making process. Not only is stress bad for your personal health, but it can also negatively impact your business if you let it.

“Stress can ruin relationships clients, both current and potential, if you let it. Stress is the last thing your business needs, so learn to manage it and keep it at bay during important times,” suggests Brian Greenberg, founder of True Blue Life Insurance.

Stress doesn’t diminish with more success, as many would like to think. In fact, it’s often the opposite, and it’s never going to disappear entirely, so learn how to manage it as best as possible.

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