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    Garry Kasparov, World Chess Champion, on Building Confidence

    Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov, Anatoly’s long-time rival, took their seats at the chess board. The 1990 World Chess Championship was about start.

    They would play 24 games in order to determine the World Chess Champion. The highest scorer would win. The match would last three months, with 12 of the 12 games played in New York, and 12 in Lyon, France.

    Kasparov began well but quickly started to make mistakes. Kasparov lost the seventh match and saw multiple wins slip away in the first half. The match was tied at 6-6 after the 12 first games. According to the New York Times, “Mr. According to the New York Times, Kasparov was losing confidence and becoming nervous in New York. It was going to take everything Kasparov had to keep his title of the best player in the world.

    “Playing Kasparov Chess.”

    Josh Waitzkin, a chess prodigy from childhood, won numerous U.S. Championships. Before the age of 10, Waitzkin won several U.S. Junior Championships. Waitzkin and his dad had the chance to meet Garry Kasparov along the way and have a discussion about chess strategy. They were particularly impressed by Kasparov’s ability to overcome difficult matches, such as the one against Karpov at the 1990 World Chess Championship.

    “Fake it until you become it”

    Performance can seem like a one-way street. It is common to hear of a gifted athlete who fails on the field, or smart students who struggle in class. Underachievers are often told that if they could only “get their heads right” and have the right “mental attitude”, then they will be able to perform at the highest level.

    It is clear that your attitude and your performance are interconnected. This connection is not only positive but also negative. Positive and confident thinking can have a positive impact on your actions. It is not just about mental attitude, but also physical performance.

    How to build confidence

    Beck Tench, my friend, began her weight loss journey by asking herself, “What would an average person do?”

    What would a healthy person order when she was trying to decide what restaurant to go to? What would a healthy person do on a Saturday morning? Beck didn’t feel healthy at first, but she realized that if Beck behaved like a healthy person, she would eventually become one. She lost more than 100 pounds in just a few years.

    Confidence can be a great thing. However, if you are overcome by fear, self-doubt or uncertainty, let your behavior dictate your beliefs. You should play as if your best. As if you are at the top of your game, work as if. Talk to the person like you feel confident. Bold actions can help you create a bold mindset.

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