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    Why processed meat is bad for your health?

    In this world of today where we all are busy catering to our need for money, we often prefer shortcuts to everything that happens in our day to day life. You do not have time to cook on the stove, get an oven. Similarly, we have started to ignore the need for healthy and fresh vegetables and food and are opting for processed food and meat.

    Processed meat is very unhealthy. Numerous studies have discovered that the intake of processed meat results in diseases like cancer and induces a heart attack. There is no denying that the processed meat contains several chemicals that are not present in the freshly cut meat.

    What is processed meat?

     Processed meat is preserved meat that contains several preservatives and undergoes salting, smoking, canning, dying etc. These products can be categorized as processed meats such as:

    •    Bacon

    •    Ham

    •    Hot dogs

    •    Sausages

    •    Salami

    •    Corned beef

    •    Smoked meat

    •    Canned meat

    •    Beef jerky

    Do not confuse the cut and sliced meat that is frozen or has undergone some mechanical processes is considered as unprocessed. You can get freshly cut meat from stores or from online stores like LaProvincia that are good for health.

    Processed meat induces an unhealthy lifestyle

    Processed meat has several harmful effects on health. People that have unhealthy lifestyle habits eat processed meat in more quantity than others. People eating more processed food tend to smoke more. This leads to less consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Processed meat causes chronic disease

    If you are eating processed meat then you are at a major risk of getting so many chronic diseases. You are prone to:

    •    Obesity

    •    High blood pressure

    •    Chronic heart attacks

    •    Diabetes

    •    High cholesterol

    •    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    •    Stomach and Bowel cancer

    The studies and experiments have come to the conclusion that people who eat processed meat in a high quantity are more prone to getting these diseases.

    Even if you are tired to go out shopping to get yourself some fresh chicken then you should just visit LaProvincia and explore your options for fresh cut chicken. You can get any type of chicken that you want on LaProvincia.

    Chemicals present in the processed meat

    1.    Nitrogenous compounds

    N-Nitroso compounds are considered as chemicals that cause cancer. These are present in high quantity in the processed meats. They are formed from sodium nitrite and are added to processed meats to preserve them from getting stale. N-Nitroso is used because it mainly prevents the red/pink color of the meat from getting changed. It suppresses oxidation and hence provides a better taste. It prevents bacterial growth in the meat and reduces the risk of food poisoning.

    2.    Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

    Meat smoking is one of the oldest methods that is being used from ages. It is often used along with drying and salting of the meat. Because of this method, several harmful substances are formed that are potential to cause cancer.


    Processed meat can cause a lot of harm and can endanger your life. If you are someone who is taking processed meat then it is high time that you stop and cover the damages done to your body.

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