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    Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel Tips

    Indochina traveling or Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel is now getting more and more popular among travelers. There are plenty nature and tourist spots to explore in those three countries. If you are going to get Vietnam Cambodia itinerary 9 days, below is some travel tips before reaching the countries.


    Visa requirements

    Cambodia offers visa-on-arrival in most of the land borders and airports; so, that you do not need to get one in hurry. You can also apply for e-visa if you need a visa in advance. Different from Cambodia, in Laos, you need to get the visa 15 or 30 days before arrival or on arrival in most borders and airports. Getting Laos visa in Vietnam can be a little more expensive than from Bangkok. The price also varies depends on your nationality; the visa will be much cheaper for Asians and more expensive for other nationalities such as Americans, Canadians, Germans, or Japanese. Getting a visa to visit Vietnam is much easier than it is used to be in the old days. However, different embassies may vary in complexities and regulations. You can get your visa from while in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, or Bangkok. But if you do not have much time or do not want to hand the passport away; apply for an on-arrival visa can be a great choice.

    Getting around

    In Cambodia, boats can take you everywhere, but in some region, the roads can be worst. Ferries can be a great alternative transportation, but overloading can be a problem. Even though there are some minor problems in some areas, but in the routes are quite good and even receive an improvement in past few years. On the other hand in Laos, fast boats are available to get you from one place to another. Even if it sounds thrilling and adventurous, it is actually not quite safe. There are slow boats for a more relaxing transport even though it is too noisy. While on the lands, the staple transportations are dominated with buses and minivans. But if the alternative transportation is a truck, river transportation may be the better choice. Similar to Cambodia, traveling in Laos can be a struggle especially in the more remote area.


    In Vietnam, the most sensible type transportation is buses or you can also use tour buses. But if you use tour bus, you will have to stick with the set schedule. It is sorry to say but the public transportation is painful and also the roads in the north area are also terrible. You can hire private transportation to travel in more remote areas or if you like some adventure, hire a motorbike is a good choice. Compared to buses and other transportation types, trains are certainly far more comfortable to travel overland.

    What to eat

    There is numerous choice of food in Vietnam with plenty choices of fruits. There are vegetarian foods available there with the wide choice of seafood and vegetables. While in Laos, the foods are dominated by rice as the staple. In Cambodia, the food choices are quite limited and can be quite expensive.

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