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    Top Transport Options in Zurich

    If you’re traveling to Zurich, it goes without saying that you need to get acquainted with the main means of transportation available in the city. Hence, this article has the purpose of informing you in this direction.

    Even though the greater majority of distances in Zurich aren’t notable, and you can quickly discover the city by foot, or by bike, it can be genuinely useful to know your options for transport, when the weather isn’t that pleasant, and that can happen anytime, literally. The network encompasses of trams, local trains, buses, and ships.

    • Public transport in Zurich

    Zurich has its own ticket system. Namely, the city’s cantonal network, aka ZVV, which is split into zones. Hence, you don’t buy tickets for a trip, but, for a zone. For instance, the network of the city is referred to as VBZ and is zone number 110. Hence, if you wish to get around the city, which is zone 110, a day pass that is valid for 24 hours will do just fine. It costs 8.60Sfr, while a single ticket, which is valid for only one hour costs 4.30Sfr. The first alternative is more convenient.

    You’ll probably be surprised by the punctuality of the trains in Switzerland. Rarely does it happen for the train to be delayed, and when it happens, it is for a good reason. But, as a general rule, you can trust the Swiss train station clock with your life. Also, note that the train system is fast, extensive and trustworthy. In the case in which you wish to visit various Swiss destinations, the train is your best option.

    You can purchase train tickets from vending machines, which you can set in English. Most clerks speak English as well, so you needn’t worry about this aspect either. Children under five years old travel by train free of charge and those aged between 6-16 need to pay only half of the flare.

    • Choose the Zurich Card

    Zurich card includes zone 110, as well as the route between the airport and the city. At the same time, the card provides you with other benefits, such as free entry to a range of museums, and other sizeable discounts. Hence, this is a good deal if you’re planning to visit museums and to use public means of transportation.

    The card is valid for all modes of transportation – as well as trains, while you remain in the zone you’ve paid for.

    • Zurich Airport taxi services

    Since Zurich is a favorite European destination, it might be a good idea to consider choosing private Zurich airport taxi services, which if you want to arrive at your hotel in no time. Certainly, the rate of a flare is higher, but, the good news is that you may obtain a discount if you’re a savvy traveler, and book your service before your trip. Concurrently, you can choose from various vehicles, depending on your needs. If you’re traveling with a group, and you have plenty of luggage with, this is your best option, for sure.

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