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    Testosterone Replacement with Sublingual Troches for men

    There are many men who suffer from low testosterone levels. In order to solve their problem, synthetic testosterone drugs are administered. It has been seen that men in whom the production of testosterone is very low or lacking, the symptoms of hypogonadism are seen. The synthetic drugs are available in a variety of forms and can be applied in any way. Testosterone troche is one of them.

    Symptoms of Low Levels of Testosteroneexercise-1203896_960_720

    Men who suffer from low level of testosterone suffer from a variety of symptoms. One of the major symptoms that can be seen is erectile dysfunction. In simpler words, this problem is also referred to as impotence. Other symptoms are increased body fat, lack of energy, back pain, reduced muscle strength and mass, reduced bone density or osteoporosis. In order to do away with all these problems, men have to go for hormone replacement therapies. One of them is sublingual troches for men. This is one of the several application methods wherein exogenous testosterone is administered. By exogenous, it basically means anything from outside entering the body.

    The testosterone hormone can also be administered in other forms like gel, injections, cream, lotion, buccal forms, implantable pellet and finally troche.

    Troche and how it works

    This is basically an oral drug which is prescribed for swallowing orally. Once swallowed, it is adsorbed by the lining of mucous lined inside the mouth. It is best to be kept between the cheek and the gums, also referred to as buccal. It can also be kept below the tongue, referred to as sublingual. It is also called a lozenge and takes almost ten minutes in dissolving. It is placed between the cheek and the gum; it may take half an hour in dissolving.

    Dosage and Ingredients in Troche

    The dosage and ingredients in troches differ immensely depending on the reason and the situation for when it is being taken. Many specialists believe that oral medication is far more effective when it comes to bringing about an improvement in libido as compared with using lozenges that helps in enhancing the athletic performance of men just before a workout.

    The sublingual troches for men undergo a typical process of manufacturing. As part of this process, the drug is first mixed with silica gel, and then later mixed with the extract of Stevia powder. After mixing these ingredients, it is poured inside moulds. The product must be well-shaken before taking. Moreover, these preparations are good for consumption only for six months more after their use date. This will again depend on the quality control and the quality of the ingredients being used.

    When it comes to the dosage of the troche, it is usually recommended for once in a day as the body may take a little longer time in metabolizing synthetic hormones. In some case, 12 hours dosage may also be recommended due to its short half-life but then again, it will depend on the individualized measurements of hormone levels. Thus, depending on individual needs, these medications can be taken.

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