Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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    Techniques to improve memory

    Most people nowadays are struggling with keeping up with the fast paced world and hence losing out on their health and most importantly the vital organs of the body are at risk like the heart and the brain.

    It is thus important to take note of techniques that help an individual to keep upbeat with the latest in news, views and information. But while doing so, it is essential to take care of one’s health and that also includes mental health.

    It is natural for a human being to have depleting memory power when the age is increasing but it is possible to reverse the effects of aging on one’s memory.

    There are some very good brain exercises and techniques that help in doing so. But most importantly one needs to make sure to get 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. It is a simple and effective method to make sure that the brain functions in its full capacity during the daytime. As the brain is working non-stop while awake it is essential to allow it to rest effectively so that next day one can feel fresh and relaxed.

    Nootropics with Bacopa offer a number of medicinal uses. It also comes in the form of syrups and injections that can be obtained after consultation with concerned medical professional and acts as a stimulant to improve memory power by being absorbed in the blood stream through the liver.

    Other techniques that help

    Mnemonic devices are techniques used in such a way that a person can relate an activity to a code and then later recall the same by remembering the code. Example is VIBGYOR as a code that is used to remember the seven colours of the rainbow.

    It is also important to provide proper nutrient to the body. Hence one should eat proper food to provide energy to the brain cells and improve memory power. One can also use nootropics supplements like neurochill. Bacopa helps in this.

    Creativity also plays important factor, as it is known that graphical representation is better absorbed by the memory than written words. Hence if one is taking notes it is helpful to be creative and represent it graphically than just plain notes.

    Most people have problem remembering some one’s name when they have met them for a brief amount of time and meet them again, it both embarrassing and difficult to converse with the other individual in such case, hence it is helpful to associate their name with some physical or personality characteristic of the individual for example XYZ is tall or ABC is fashionable.

    Taking vitamin supplements is also helpful specially vitamin B12 is very good to make sure the brain functions to its optimum level hence it can be taken in form of pills but it is wise to consult the doctor if you are on some other medication so it does not obstruct with some other medicine or pills.

    Finally, brain is an important vital organ of the body and it is essential to keep it healthy for proper functioning.


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