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    Probiotic Supplements – Keeping Digestion Regular and the Immune System Strong

    Probiotic supplements can give the body the boost it needs to kick digestive discomfort and strengthen the immune system. Probiotics, a very essential nutrient for many areas of the body, are tiny microorganisms also known as bacteria. Most are unaware that that the body relies on certain types of bacteria to function properly. These good bacteria help digest food and even fight off harmful bacteria.

    In its infant state, the body houses thousands of probiotics or good bacteria. But there are other ways the body acquires probiotics; for example, through certain foods. Some of these foods include miso and yogurts with live cultures. However, the body unavoidably faces instances where its probiotics are killed. For example, chemicals including pesticides, chlorine, cigarette smoke, alcohol and, most significantly, doctor prescribed antibiotics kill many of the good bacteria in the body – making it very likely that you or I suffer from probiotic deficiency.

    Probiotics perform the job of digesting certain types of foods. For example, many suffer from lactose intolerance because their bodies lack the probiotics required for the digestion of foods containing dairy. As a remedy, they can take a probiotic supplement containing the good bacteria used for dairy digestion.

    If the body lacks significant amounts of this good bacteria, the gut is unable to properly digest foods. This not only causes discomfort, but also withholds many essential vitamins and nutrients the body requires for optimal health. As the body’s digestive health deteriorates so does the health of many other systems.

    When the body lacks necessary probiotics, it suffers from a weakened immune system, inflamed intestines and more. In fact, the immune system relies on certain probiotics to attack and kill harmful bacteria. When probiotic counts are low in the body’s intestines, the risks of harmful bacteria increases. Those lacking probiotics may also suffer from fatigue and seem more prone to the flu or colds. Other signs of probiotic deficiency can be eczema or acne.

    As most foods containing probiotics lack sufficient therapeutic levels, many turn to probiotic supplements as a solution. Finding a healthy probiotic supplement can relieve many symptoms. After doing so, your body will thank you with higher levels of energy, regular digestion, a strengthened immune system and the list goes on. More recently, studies show that probiotic supplements may even help prevent certain types of cancers.

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