Saturday, April 1, 2023

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    Over the Counter Drugs and Teenagers – A Matter of Education and Monitoring

    OTC or over the counter drugs may seem harmless to most people, but for teenagers, it is an evil trap that would give them the opportunity to get involved in drug and substance abuse.

    The most common OTC drugs that are used and abused by teenagers are cough and cold medicines. Sleep medications are also popular among teenagers who want to get the feeling of being “high”. Although some teens purchase OTC drugs for pure and honest health reasons, some tend to become addicted to the drug and may use it abusively.

    Even though drug abuse among teenagers may seem to be rampant and totally out of control these past few years, it doesn’t mean that the government, as well as parents and other people in authority should give up their fight to stop teenage drug abuse.

    The education and monitoring of teenagers should start in the family circle. Parents should start educating and informing their children about the do’s and don’ts of drug usage while they are still young. Parents must also encourage their children to be open with them if ever they have issues or problems pertaining to school, friends, relationships, etc. Open communication between parents and their adolescents serves as a great way to prevent or control drug abuse.

    Some teenagers are using drugs because they want to escape from their problems and painful emotions. By encouraging adolescents to speak up and share their worries and concerns with their parents or school counselors, they can be prevented from resorting to drugs or worse, suicide.

    The school should also play its part in informing and honing the values and attitudes of the students. Counseling programs as well as informative seminars should be implemented every now and then so as to keep the students in the right path.

    Even though adolescents may seem complicated and hard to understand, they should not be treated as such because deep inside they are still like little children who are confused and having a hard time adjusting to their new world and to the new feelings that they are experiencing.

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