Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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    Is Leadership Skills Development An Effective Tool For Change?

    Change is the only aspect in life that is constant. It is taking place everywhere. In your place of work, in your home and change takes place in every organization. The degree of the change can vary, but it is change at the end of the day. Changes can be small such as changing the computers in your office, or they can be big ones like making people redundant. Whatever kind it is, proper leadership is needed to manage change. Leadership skill development is necessary to make the change a smooth process for the organization and not prevent it from achieving its overall aims and objectives.

    How do you manage change? Especially drastic ones? Leadership skill development in this aspect is important. Leadership skill development to manage change teaches people how to deal with situations in an orderly manner in order to make the process as smooth as possible. For example, leaders have to make sure that the change is well communicated to the employees of the organization. Especially if it is going to affect them. The news of the change should never arrive as a shock to the employees because it can lead to many disastrous consequences which include industrial action.

    Once the change has been announced, the leader has to look for ways to let it take its affect as smoothly as possible. Explain to people why the change is necessary and how it will help them and how it will help the organization achieve its goals. Explaining the reason for the change is very necessary, because without a reason it may not be justified to employees and this can lead to many issues.

    Managing change also means to communicate with the employees who are affected by the change. Leadership skill development includes this. For example, if redundancies are taking place, leaders ought to adopt a soft human resource management approach. Redundancies are a very dramatic change for employees as it can affect their social status and their income. A loss of income is very stressful for anyone. Leaders need to understand this and empathize with their employees. This might make the process of change smooth. Also, leadership skills also focus on finding the most appropriate way to bring change by the least conflicted approach. So if redundancies have to be made, a good leader would try and search for people who want to volunteer for redundancy. This way, those who want to leave can leave and those who want to stay will be least affected by the change. Leadership skill development teaches people these approaches and the most appropriate way or ways to deal with change.

    Managing change is very necessary. Moreover, the leadership skills need to be present to manage change. Leadership skill development to manage change can be taught and a good leader will do his or her best to acquire these skills. To bring about change, understanding it is important. And that is the most important leadership skill to manage change.

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