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    How can technology help in education?

    There’s a lot of buzz about how can technology help education. From toddlers to teenagers, kids today are more tech savvy and reliant on technology than ever before. Unfortunately, while this has its benefits, there’s no denying the negative aspects. Technology overload can lead to social withdrawal, too many hours on the internet and addiction to games, smartphones and social media. So, wouldn’t it be better to keep gadgets out of the classroom and stick to tried and tested teaching methods?

    Well, not necessarily.

    Experts agree that used the right way, technology can enhance the learning experience. And not just for students, either. But for educators, too.Of course, technology will never – and should never – replace flesh and blood teachers. That said, educators are steadily seeing the benefits of blended learning. And if new technologies enhance the learning experience, doesn’t it stand to reason that teachers would be willing to embrace them? But how exactly does technology help teachers create a more productive and effective learning environment? And what do students stand to gain?

    Let’s have a look.

    Helping Teachers Overcome Classroom Challenges

    Ask any teacher what their biggest classroom challenges are, and they’re bound to mention at least one (and probably several) of the following:

    • students who are easily bored, or have a short attention span;
    • varied and conflicting personalities: those who shine, those who are disruptive, those who are extroverted and those who prefer to hide away at the back of the classroom;
    • constantly having to think up a novel and innovative ways to keep students interested, motivated and entertained;
    • encouraging participation and interaction from everyone;
    • working with large class numbers which often include students of differing learning levels;
    • providing tailor-made support to meet the individual needs of each student;
    • keeping on top of paperwork, timetables, and implementing strict lesson plans while staying within the curriculum.

    Smart technology adds a new dimension to traditional teaching methods which helps teachers address many of these challenges.

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