Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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    Here are some holiday gift card tips you can use now

    Now is the perfect time to start offering gift cards, if they are not part of your overall business strategy. Gift cards are great for any business, regardless of whether they’re product- or service-based. VOUCHAIN creates a decentralized infrastructure to support retailers and shopping centres, facilitating voucher issuing. It also facilitates management and administration, which leads to tangible benefits and increased efficiency across the value chain.

    Why? Business Wire reports that gift cards will continue to rise in popularity over the next four years. Because customers who redeem gift cards are more likely than to buy more, they can help increase revenue. This is incremental revenue for you!

    1. You can increase the amount by a variety of amounts. You never know what a potential client’s budget is.

    2. The design is important. You should include your branding, but it may be holiday-centric. A graphic that matches your aesthetic could make the card more appealing to those who want to send a card that is seasonally appropriate.

    3. You may offer physical cards depending on the business. You can also think about the unboxing experience!

    4. You should consider where your gift card messaging is located on your website. It could be on the homepage, in the footer, at the top navigation or as a cross-sell on product pages for a related product.

    5. Are you unsure how to start gift cards? You can check your e-commerce platform and see if it is available as a digital item. Shopify users can also check the App Store for additional features. You can also check out our payment processors, such as Stripe and Square. This allows you to add them to your system.

    Marketing Tips

    1. Include gift card communication in your email marketing, whether it’s in body or footer. Also, make sure that abandoned cart is enabled! It is easy to schedule a last-minute gifting email or call right away.

    2. Add it to your gift guide list if you are creating one. You might be able to pitch a publication that includes gift cards in its gift guides.

    3. Your copy should be written in a way that shows you care about the customer. To understand why they might want a gift card, try getting inside their heads. It could be for someone who is difficult to shop for, or for corporate gifts. They may be running out of time or it is down to the wire.

    4. Consider the unboxing experience if you offer physical cards. This can be a great brand experience and also help with marketing.

    5. Let your customers know that the information is available on the site. Give them a call to act. Also, be mindful of what you say! Here are some suggestions: treat, buy, gift, show and thank.

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