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    Happiness And Health: Can Extreme Joy Harm Your Health?

    While people who enjoy life are certainly more effective and healthy than those who are angry and depressed, a recent university research study said, “People who are reasonably delighted might achieve more than those who are very pleased.”

    They may likewise live longer.

    “Our findings recommend that very high levels of happiness might not be a desirable objective, and that there is more to mental well-being than high-levels of joy,”

    The study’s team reported in a journal on Perspectives and Psychological Science.

    The researchers looked at six different studies of happiness and life outcomes to examine the maximum level of happiness.

    Articles on Happiness

    One study, connected with a World Values Survey, included almost 120,000 people from 96 countries, found that those who were reasonably delighted, ranking their life complete satisfaction at 8 or 9 out of 10, made more income and more financial success, than those who ranked their complete satisfaction level at 10.

    The 10’s and 9’s were more likely to have stable intimate relationships.

    Another research study found that the happiest college students were also the most social, but they had lower grade-point averages than their a little less happy peers.

    In four studies that looked at people’s well-being several years after their joy level was at first evaluated, the happiest people end up with less education and lower earnings than the moderately happy people.

    Happiness Research

    While the current research study didn’t look at happiness and health, the research kept in mind in an interview, other research study has actually shown that the happiest individuals may not live as long as reasonably happy people.

    While the current study didn’t take a look at joy and health, a university noted in an interview, other research study has revealed that the happiest people might not live as long as spiritually minded and moderately pleased individuals.

    These individuals seem to be more likely to experience true callings and following their heart’s desires without fear to a life of total completeness.

    They more spiritually minded understand that fearing to take action on their goals and dreams is not a natural aspect of spirit, but is ego-based.

    A Course In Miracles states, “The miracle returns the cause of fear to who made it.”

    Happiness and Health

    Exceptionally happy people might be less most likely to follow-up on health concerns, the study suggested. It’s likewise possible, they stated, that remaining in an “excited,” extremely delighted state can take a toll on one’s cardiovascular system.

    Individuals for whom extreme happiness is an objective might likewise be thrill-seeking risk takers.

    But all in all we certainly do want to live a happy life. Wouldn’t you agree?

    To spirit helping you make the most out of life!

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