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    Fire Warden Training- What to Expect

    Each and every person that wishes to develop into a fire warden must get the right training ahead.  These courses are often a step above routine security programs, leaving many people to wonder exactly what they need to expect when they start the training required to become a warden.


    Education is a very important aspect of training, and businesses which offer training take this quite seriously.  Often, this area of the course will include at least a little bit about legislation.  Other issues which are commonly insured by companies include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Risk assessment
    • Safety precautions
    • Common causes of crises
    • Emergency procedures

    How to handle people under pressure is another key element that is covered during these courses.  When an emergency happens, many business owners and employees will panic. Fire warden training that arrive on the scene will need to have the ability to handle the emergency while simultaneously dealing with folks that extremely stressed.


    Each and every person should understand how to get people out of their building safely.  Having the ability to handle the stress of those which are already out of the construction whom are concerned and asking about men which are still indoors while simultaneously fighting the flames and helping keep those battling the flames safe could be quite the job.

    Evacuation training, when coupled with the other valuable information in the course, will teach a person the way to just that.  When an emergency arises, they’ll have the ability to stay calm and collected while helping every person they could get to security.


    There are different types of extinguishers, and people that are prepared to take on the job of combating fires will need to know which equipment to use for each circumstance.  An extinguisher that will only handle flames brought on by chemicals will not work as well on one which is brought on by grease, and this single mistake could cost a person their life.

    This portion of the program usually includes two components.  The initial part is a classroom based learning fashion in which individuals are educated about various types of extinguishers.  Afterward, there is a second part.  Not every class offers the next element, but many do.  This involves hands on experience utilizing several types of extinguishers.


    Expertise is one of the most important parts of fire training, and every single company that provides this course provides one kind or another of hands-on training.  Often, this consists of experience using an extinguisher and additional equipment.  It is typical for businesses to simulate a flame in a safe, supervised area for people to practice on.  This element is one of the most important aspects of training.

    Fire warden training is no longer just for fire fighters

    These courses are often comprised of people that own businesses, or personnel who have been designated in being the warden when they are on the job, parents and other adults that are interested in knowing what to do in the event of a crisis. The combination of the education that is obtained together with the hands-on training helps to guarantee that every member of this course will be prepared to manage a crisis and save lives.

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