Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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    Emphasizing Fun and Skill Development

    As a basketball coach you will want to earn as much trophies and possible, but don’t let your quest blur your judgement regarding what’s best for your player. Most of the leagues keep standings on the win-loss record of the seasons, trust me when I say that those records don’t define your success as a coach, your success can be measured by the skill improvement of the kids you coach and the fun they have, let’s not forget their pleasure of having you as their couch. My advice to you is to use every game and practice as Lego building blocks in your kid’s development, and never forget to have fun in the meantime. Having fun is a good method to relieve some stress that gathered during a season or a bad game. Emphasizing fun and skill development will ensure your success as a couch and will make your players to enjoy the experience of having you as their guide.

    The less you focus on wins and looses the more relaxed your players will be, the more you dwell on looses, the more you will get stressed and you will start not to think clearly. For example you can have a very good game and season and you could earn the 1st place trophy, but that doesn’t mean that you where the one responsible for this, maybe the other coaches pushed or stressed his player too much and he broke them, giving you the advantage a nice and relaxed environment. Having fun in whatever you do is the key to success.

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