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    Elizabeth Smart Net Worth 2022


    Elizabeth Ann is a survivor. She is currently a commentator at ABC News. She was just 14 years old when she was kidnapped. She was held captive for nearly a quarter of a year. She decided to become an activist for child safety and advocate for the well-being of children all over the globe after this terrible experience.

    In many films and books, she was also part of the portrayal of the traumatic experience. How well do you really know her? You know almost nothing about her. This article will detail her life from childhood to today’s career.

    Elizabeth Smart

    She was born in 1987 on the 3rd November. She has four siblings and one brother. Many details about her parents and family are not available. The only way to find out is through movies and books.

    She was only 14 years old when she was taken from her bedroom. The abductors held her at knifepoint. She was held captive for 9 months. The abductors threatened to kill her if they found out she attempted to escape. The whole incident was shown on TV. Every news channel featured details about the kidnapping. After they had been identified from America’s most wanted, the faces of the criminals also were shown.

    Family and Early Life

    After a lengthy trial in court, the person who helped the kidnapper pled guilty. He was sentenced to federal prison for approximately 15 years. For the crimes of sexual assault and kidnapping, the main kidnapper was sentenced to life in federal prison.

    When it came to her education, she went to Bryant Middle School and then attended East High School. Because she was keen to study music, she applied for the bachelor of music degree at Brigham Young University.

    Matthew Gilmour was her husband in 2012, and she has three children with him. She stated that her husband understood her, and she accepted her as she was. Her children consider her a role model.

    Her Career and Major Milestones

    In 2011, her career started. She opened a foundation to protect children who had been victims of a terrible incident or assault. She was also a strong advocate for education on sexual assault in children around the world.

    • She is also a commentator, and has successfully handled both jobs with care.
    • Here are a few things you didn’t know about Elizabeth Smart
    • She was awarded for her courage and how she overcame such an awful experience.
    • Today, we all know her story.
    • The entire incident can be seen in The Elizabeth smart story movie.
    • Her story is also included in a few books.

    Net Worth

    Her net worth was estimated at around 2 million dollars in 2022. Her earnings are mainly from the organizations she belongs to and her activism career. Her earnings also come from her work as a commentator at ABC News.

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